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Cho’s first school in the great city of Houston was established in 1978 and it has been at the same location ever since. The longevity and consistency reflects the history of Cho’s and is the reason why many Houstonians have come from all over Houston to train with some of the best.

Cho’s Tae Kwon Do is known for its serious training for the serious student. We are not a daycare, we do not baby-sit, and we do not mix in adults and children together in classes. We separate children into three age specific groups and adults train with only adults.
The idea of separating students by rank level works well in some schools. However, at our academy, the teaching philosophy is to separate students by age. Regardless if a 4 yr old is a white belt and a 12 yr old is also a white belt, they will obviously not learn at the same pace. Also, older kids like to be in a group activity with other kids their age and vice versa for young ones.
Our academy is able to mix in many different levels into one class because we are fully staffed with many instructors. The head instructor will lead the duration of class but students are broken up into groups in order to learn their required curriculum at their particular level. We find this resembles a similar learning atmosphere to their academic classrooms. Rarely if ever will you find a 5th grader in class with a kindergarten student.
For children, our mission is to teach them the skills and knowledge necessary to give them the tools to excel academically. With television, video games, and other distractions, it is nice for parents to know they can bring their kids to a professional facility specially equipped for the youth. We have very high retention rates and we believe it is because of our staff and instructors. Whether we are responsible for one or one thousand students, we guarantee the quality of instruction and the attention given to each individual student will be at the highest level.
It is fantastic when students learn to be great competitors and win gold medals and trophies for their efforts. However, our philosophy is that if their efforts in the martial arts school does not reflect their academic progress and behavior, then it is all a waste. A well rounded martial artist, no matter age, should also be able to be an excellent student in the classroom. Our mission is to positively affect each child to help them to reach their potential.
For adults, we guarantee to give you a workout that will challenge you physically and mentally. We will help you to have more self-discipline and self-confidence. Here are some common misconceptions adults usually encounter:
- I’m too old
- I’m not flexible enough
- I don’t have enough time for something like this
- This stuff is mainly for kids
- I don’t know if this will work for me
- If you are able to walk around your neighborhood for exercise, you are able to practice with us.
- If everyone was flexible enough to do our classes, then they wouldn’t need to start in the first place. Our training will help you become more flexible which will also help you to reduce the chance of injury and pain.
- Not enough time? We have classes in the day, afternoon, morning, night, weekday, weekend. The minimum is twice a week. We are open full-time for you. It is the student that must take the steps to follow through in the program. REMEMBER! You only get the results you want by putting in the time!
- Although classes are popular among the young ones, we have classes for just adults. On top of that, our adult program is our largest program out of all the classes. The reason is because you are getting into shape, learning self-defense, and you are in a classroom full of people just like you!
- Not sure if this is for you? Come and see for yourself before you make that decision. The majority of people that say it’s not for them, or that it is dangerous, or it doesn’t work are people that have never stepped inside any school before! Make sure to come and see with your own eyes before you make any assumptions.




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