image1 Our Online Student Resource and Academy!

Coming Soon!

Our goal with the online academy is to create a one stop shop for students and parents to find resources to help in their training when at home or while traveling.

Our current goal for the online academy to include:

  • Explanations for every technique possible. From Kicks and punches, to stances and blocks. Going into detail about how to do the technique, plus examples of how to hold for the technique with different targets.
  • Videos showing patterns from multiple angles both at full speed and slowed down where the instructor goes through every move with you. 
  • Videos of explanations of each one step sparring.
  • Printable Guides for both One Steps and Patterns that you can take with you while traveling or training.
  • Videos of all required Kicking Combos, Punching Combos, and Balance Combos. Plus some more combos to practice.
  • Stretching & Warm up videos.
  • And More.

Coming Soon!

Please Stay Tuned! Our Online Academy will be up soon!

Downloadable Content

Each file is locked so that only our active members can view them. If you have not received the password to the files please email to receive it. Please include the students name, which academy they train at, their current rank, and the instructor they train under in your email.