Wushu Program at our Copperfield Academy

Wushu means "Warrior Spirit"

Wushu, a term that encompasses many styles of  Chinese Martial Arts, is a great additional program taught here at Cho's Tae Kwon Do. Wushu is a "soft style" that emphasizes flowing motions, jumping techniques and flexibility. This program is a great opportunity for your child to experience a different style of Martial Arts and to expand their knowledge of other disciplines. 

Those interested in joining our Wushu Program should speak to Master Blackbourn or Mrs. Blackbourn. 

Currently our Wushu Program Meets once to twice a month. Please See our Academy Calendar for the next scheduled Wushu Practice.

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The Wushu program is offered as an additional class to the traditional Tae Kwon Do classes and will introduce the student to other forms and styles of Martial Arts. 

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