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Tae Kwon Do:
Copperfield Academy
Tae Kwon Do in Houston

"Proudly Serving the Greater Houston Area Since 1978. Teaching Traditional Martial Arts with a Modern Flare! 


Cho's Tae Kwon Do Centers have been proudly serving the Greater Houston Area since 1978. Here at Cho's, we are committed to enriching our students lives and the community at large by offering the highest of quality of martial arts training around. We offer classes in Traditional Tae Kwon Do but as a mixed system we also offer multiple other disciplines of martial arts including Hapkido, Western Boxing / kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, Chinese Wushu / Kung Fu, Filipino Boxing / Kali, and so much more! We offer a full & flexible schedule that can fit into anyone's busy schedule. Contact us now to get personalized Info that suits your needs plus see why we offer the highest training in martial arts & Tae Kwon Do in Houston. 

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Tots Program (ages 3 - 6)

Building our Youngest Ninjas with fun and exciting classes that teach discipline and focus. 

Kids Program (ages 6-13)

Helping our young learn confidence, fitness, and self-defence in a safe, fun and exciting environment. 

Adult Program (ages 13+)

Increase your flexibility, improve your cardio, all while getting stronger and learning something new. 

Additional Programs


We offer a wide variety of Weapon training designed to help students develop better hand-eye coordination. We offer traditional weapons such as: Bo, Nunchuck, & Sword as well as Modern weapons such as knife & Escrima stick for our older students. 


An exciting class of Chinese Martial Arts helps expand your horizons of different styles. 


Learn how to use what you’ve learned in class  against an opponent in a  safe and controlled environment with this completely optional class. 

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Looking for our original location?

Our original location opened its doors in 1978 and it’s still there today on Westheimer & Dairy Ashford.