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Big News!


Hi Team! 

Hope everyone is as excited as I am about getting back onto the mats for training. Today's vlog (Which you can find here:  

https://youtu.be/d-EnswUAcmA) highlights some of the precautions and plans we have about reopening copperfield academy (And these plans are only for copperfield, If you are a student of Westheimer or Pearland please check with your instructors about their plans.) Our priority is always the students safety especially while we reopen.

  • If you are sick or are near someone who is sick, please stay home.

  • All students will need to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before they step onto the mats as well as when they step off the mats.

  • Reducing Class Sizes as small as possible so that we can maintain social distancing and staying under the 25% capacity rule. Our goal is to be doing more like small group training or semi private lessons than actual classes.

  • All classes will be divided by students ages (3-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14+) and under a micro class structure. (Some exceptions can be made but it's up to the instructors discretion).

  • Quick 30 minute lessons because since class sizes will be smaller, we should be able to get more done in less time.

  • We will use "Pass By Times" in between classes to allow those coming off the mats time to leave, the instructors time to wipe down everything, and then allow the next group into the building. 

  • Because of social distancing, we wont be doing any close contact training so no sparring, practical self defense training, or submission wrestling. Once social distancing begins being pulled back we will figure out when it's appropriate to resume these classes.

  • For the next little bit, to ensure only the minimum of people are in the building, we will be closing our lobby and only allowing students & instructors in the building.

  • Open practice times will be available by appointment only. To reserve a open practice time please email chostkdcopperfield@gmail.com to do so.

Schedule will be as follow to start. Once we see how Mon and Tues goes we will adjust accordingly and also announce our schedule for Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sundays.

  • Ages 3-4 M-TH @4:45pm, & S @ 11:45am
  • Ages 5-7 M&W @ 5:30pm T&Th @ 6:15pm, & S 11:45am
  • Ages 8-11 M&W @ 6:15pm T&Th @ 5:30pm, & Sat @11:00am
  • Ages 12-18 M,W,F @ 7:00pm T&Th @ 7:50pm & S 10am
  • Adults 18+ M&W @ 7:50pm & T,Th,F @ 7:00pm & S @ 10am

Open Practice times will be available by appointment Mon - Thurs 3:00 - 4:30pm & 8:30 - 9:00pm. And again the Open Practice times you will need to reserve a time spot by emailing chostkdcopperfield@gmail.com to do so.

Our goal, is to continue to create as much online content as possible for students and parents who are not quite comfortable to return to classes yet. All of this will continue to be disturbed through our members only facebook page as well our email newsletter. Links to both below.

Finally, Tuition. Right now, we wont be taking any tuition for the rest of May. Our priority is just getting everyone back to training. This allows us to make up for some lost time while also allowing everyone to get back to training regardless of everyone's economic situation right now.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we all work our way through these chaotic times. Work Hard, Have Fun, and i'll see everyone on Monday, May 18th on the mats.

- Master Kevin & The Copperfield Coaches

Class Schedule during Reopening

Everything Below this Point is our normal webpage before the Covid-19 Shutdown. Please see above for details about our plans to reopen.

2 Locations in Houston plus another one in the making!


Copperfield Academy:

Copperfield Academy:

Copperfield Academy:

Our Total Martial Art Center offering programs in: Traditional & Modern Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Wushu, Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, & More


Westheimer Academy

Copperfield Academy:

Copperfield Academy:

Our Original Academy that opened its doors in 1978 and its still there to this day! Offering Traditional Martial Art Classes in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kickboxing.


Pearland Academy

Copperfield Academy:

Pearland Academy

Now Offering Classes to the Pearland Area! Expanding and growing with Classes including Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing!

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Martial Arts Programs We Offer


Tots Tae Kwon Do (ages 3 - 6)

Building our youngest little ninjas, the tots program is designed to increase attention span, discipline, and develop coordination and balance. Daytime and Evening Classes Available.


Kids Tae Kwon Do (ages 6-13)

Helping our young learn confidence, fitness, and self-defence in a safe, fun and exciting environment.  Daytime and Evening Classes available.


Teen & Adult Tae Kwon Do (ages 13+)

Increase your flexibility, improve your cardio, all while getting stronger and learning something new. Daytime and Evening Classes Available.

Additional Programs at our Copperfield Academy.


Wushu / Kung Fu

An exciting class of Chinese Martial Arts helps expand your horizons of different styles. Taught at our Copperfield Academy.


STX Kickboxing

Learn a practical form of Kickboxing that not only can be used for self defense but also a great and fun way to get into shape. 


CSW Submission Wrestling & MMA

A self defense driven class that covers wrestling, throws, takedowns, submission holds, self defense and so much more! 

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